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Hello beauties,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Marianne and my love for fashion has brought me back to the industry, along with a team of incredibly talented fashionistas, after a few years away.  The creative force at the heart of Posh Fashion Finds knows that every woman is unique and multi-faceted and the way a woman dresses is truly a reflection of that.  One moment a woman feels playful and whimsical and the next, sophisticated and empowered. The clothing she wears lets her express her version of who she chooses to be! 

Posh Fashion finds is here to provide women with an array of stylish on-trend pieces as well as timeless classics.  Each carefully selected item is chosen to capture a woman's true beauty and essence.  Remember, we are here to help in any way we can and can't wait for you to start filling your closets with all the beautiful pieces we have to offer! 

Happy shopping!!

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